Esther Adam

Hello! I am Esther, born and raised in Jerusalem. I have finished my studies with excellent marks. I started to study classical music at an early age and I have dedicated my life to music and opera singing. I got my degrees in opera singing and pedagogy. Lately, I finished my MA studies in Biblical Science at ELTE University. I am teaching in ICI for 7 years now. I am also translating and editing books in addition to my artistic and pedagogical work.
Why do I love to teach here? Teaching here gives me a feeling that I am closer to my homeland and I love to share the beauty of the Hebrew language with my curious and motivated students. I have been teaching Hebrew in the last 7 years to more than 200 students, and it makes me happy that I can see their progress and their pure joy.

Darya Agapitov

Shalom! I am Darya, born and raised in Moscow. I worked in tourism and movie production there. At the age of 25, after falling in love with Israel, I moved there to live. I have absorbed anything I could and deeply immersed myself in the culture. I mostly worked with kids that I really enjoyed. I also found my life's passion, which is aerial acrobatics.
I have started teaching Hebrew several years ago. Teaching makes me happy by guiding the way of my favourite language, showing its beauty and secrets - I take it as a present. While I am far away from home, teaching Hebrew is also a way to stay connected to what I love.

Dr. Vered Glickman

Hello! I am Vered, born and raised in Israel. I wrote my PhD in philosophy at Tel-Aviv University, and lectured in Tel-Aviv University and Haifa University. After moving to Budapest, I have engaged in teaching Hebrew as a foreign language and organizing Israeli Cultural programs. As a former director of the Israeli Cultural Institute, I'm now the Head of the Hebrew Language Center and one of their senior teachers, I am keen on sharing my knowledge and passion for the Hebrew language

Elad Merose

Hello! I am Elad, born and raised in Israel. I am a 4th year medical student at Semmelweis University, and teaching Hebrew at ICI for 2 years now. I am a traveller, and in my free time I really like listening to music and I am also playing guitar.

Daniel Ziss

Hello, my name is Daniel. I was born and raised in Jaffa. I have studied Architecture at Haifa and Prague. I have participated in many architecture and design projects in the Czech Republic, Germany, Israel and Italy. Furthermore, I was teaching Architecture and Architecture history (Czech Technical University, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Faculty of Arts, Charles University).
Teaching students from different cultural background in different countries is absolutely my passion.
In 1999, I completed the Hebrew teacher’s course at JAFI Jerusalem, but I have been teaching Hebrew in different institutions since 1991 (The Lauder School in Prague, JAFI Ulpan, West Bohemian University in Pilsen, institute for Middle Eastern Studies at the Charles University in Prague).