Yemeni night with rythm and taste

As a part of our ethnic program series on 1st of December we will extend our knowledge about the Yemeni Jews. This night we are preparing a very unique workshop for you, where you all can learn the traditional yemeni dance 💃 and taste their autentic foods like the sloff🥙, the Yemenite pita which is tender and full of air bubbles. On our event we gonna have a special guest who will share with us his story and all about the yemenite culture and history. We believe that learning is fun🤓, and learning in a creative way is even better. So we will bring you Kahoot game as well. 🏆📚

Join us on 1st of December 7 pm at the ICI, and discover a new part of the Jewish culture, while eating tasty foods and simply having fun. 🕺🎉