• Follow with your eyes! - One-line Latin, Japanese and Hebrew font families from the workshop of typographer, György Szőnyei.

  • Sigalit Landau is a visual artist living in Tel Aviv.. This exhibition at Mélycsarnok is her first solo appearance in Hungary.
  • ARTalakulás Gallery is celebrating their 5. anniversary with the exhibition called „Generations” in the Israeli Cultural Institute.

  • Typography - Hebrew letters in focus with Liron Lavi and György Szőnyei.

  • Women’s situation and stand in Jewish houses
  • Israel on the table and in the garden with Zsófia Mautner - This evening the gastro blogger of Chili & Vanilia tells about her israeli gastro-experiences.
  • Book launch: 28 letters
  • From Myth to History
  • Amos Oz: His life and his work from different perspective
  • Roundtable discussion about the most important questions of children’s defense in Israel.
  • Everything and the opposite of Everything - Israeli Culture from the street and from the artist's point of view
  • Live for learning
  • Israel in the media, the media in Israel
  • From civil war to regional conflict – the Syrian-Israeli tension
  • The lecture will compare the utopistic description of Israel by Theodor Herzl with the realities of contemporary Israeli society.
  • Andras Borgula will hold a presentation about the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) and the Israeli military service.
  • During this lecture we can get an insight of the history of Hungarian zionism and the role of women.
  • Lecture series in literature with Szántó T. Gábor – from the Bible to the modern Hebrew literature.

  • Ma’avarim with Szántó T. Gábor: Tradition and self-reflection. Sacred and profane. The 'Agada' as literature.

  • ELTE Israel studies: Lectures by Derek Penslar

  • The title 'Beaufort' refers to the name of a fortress held by Israeli troops, during that country's contentious occupation of Lebanon from 1982-2000.
  • First part of the trilogy on cities, after the novel by Yaakov Shabtai, Past Continuous. The film depicts the spiritual disarray of three men in Tel Aviv.
  • Film screening on the occasion of Jerusalem day.
  • The 3rd Israeli Documentary Film Festival, which will take place between the 19th and 23rd of April, at the Toldi Movie Theatre.
  • Cult movies in Israel
  • Clara, a polish born Jew, living in Tel Aviv of the 1970's, has her ideas about how people should behave, and runs everybody's life accordingly...
  • Milestones at the Israeli cinemas
  • Film screening at the 'Sukkot in the park' Festival organized by the Szim Salom Community

  • Israel will be represented by Avishai Sivan, Israeli filmmaker, visual artist and published author

  • Film screening on the occasion of the International Tolerance Day: Walk on water (2004)

  • Filmscreening organized by the Hebrew Language Center: a satirical Israeli comedy by Dror Shaul

  • Window to Hebrew children’s literature - games with the help of the most well-graced Hebrew children books.
  • Handcraft workshop, face painting, theatre and jugglery
  • Create a unique postcard and greet the year 5774!

  • Sukkot decoration workshop

  • Ivri Lider is one of the most successful Israeli musicians of his generation, appreciated by fellow artists, critics, and the public alike.
  • This year’s guest of the EU Jazz Express concert, organised by the Europe day, - among the others - is the Israeli Cultural Institute.
  • Jazz concert
  • Original, unsophisticated jazz music, presented by Shai Maestro pianist, Ziv Ravitz drummerl and Jorge Roeder.
  • Three Musicians – Three Cultures – One Time

  • Asaf Aharonson and Tami Lebovits (IL): God Is Measuring the World with a Compass
  • EUNIC Hungary is organizing for the fourth time this year the European Language Cocktail Bar.
  • Polona Vetrih (Slovenian National Theatre) has performed in several cities all around the world.
  • This year Fun Run will be staged for the third time by Maccabi VAC Hungary and other 15 charitable organizations.
  • Celebrate with us the 65th anniversary of Israel’s independence!
  • Let us light a candle and remember for Israel’s fallen soldiers.
  • In 2013 the title of event is Jewish characters on the stages of 21th century.
  • Interactive language class in the wake of Budapest's Hebrew language relics.
  • Common seder evening dinner and song learning.
  • Yiddish, Ladino and Hebrew
  • The Pozsonyi Piknik Egyesület (Pozsonyi Picnic Association) is organizing again the celebration of Újlipótváros, called the Pozsonyi Piknik.
  • story-telling tents

  • Program series on the occasion of the opening of the Theodor Herzl Educational Center.

  • Let’s celebrate together the Jewish New Year and the third birthday of ICI!

  • Yesterday.Inspiring tomorrow.

  • The international exhibition "Anne Frank – a history for today" has travelled all over the world, and is presented more than 300 times per year.

  • From Budapest to Tel-Aviv – István Irsai, Modernist Designer, displaying for the first time together both periods of Irsai's work,Israel and Hungary.

  • Túros Margaréta photographer

  • Lectures by Itamar Rabinovich

  • What could politics and international law mean by terror? How does science of history see it - what did terror mean in the past and how do we see it today? 

  • Securing a Homeland: Strategic Doctrine and Practice (1930-1973)

  • Lecture series in literature with Szántó T. Gábor - from the Bible to the modern Hebrew literature.

  • What is Israel? What is Zionism?

  • Whose Land Is It Anyway? Theology and Secular Politics in the Land of Israel/Palestine

  • A story of two dramatic years in Israel after the rebirth of the Jewish State as seen by Robert Capa, and some of his contemporary photo-reporters of that time.

  • Lecture by Prof. Elie Rekhess - History and Historiography: Contrasting Narratives of the Jewish-Arab Conflict

  • Lecture series in literature with Szántó T. Gábor - fromt he bible to the modern Hebrew literature.

  • Lecture series in literatue with Szántó T. Gábor

  • Herzl Gangnam style - Myths and Myth - the Biography of Theodor Herzl

  • Israeli faces is a monthly lecture series which will present the mosaic of the Israeli society – its many ethnic and religious groups which live together side by side.

  • Gil Cohen-Magen is a photojournalist whose photographs have graced the front pages of some of the world’s leading newspapers and magazines.

  • Amosz Oz: A Tale of Love and Darkness

  • Herzl Center lecture series.

  • Amosz Oz

  • Jews from Arab Countries: A personal testimony of a modern Exodus

  • Guest: Gabor Ivanyi

  • The Current State of the Middle-East and the Challenges Israel Faces

  • a lecture by Ilan Mor

  • the works of Irsai István analyzed by a graphic designer and a typographer

  • Ma’avarim will focus this month on Etgar Keret - Guest: András Borgula, director of Gólem Theatre

  • As part of the series introducing the many faces and facades of Israeli society, this session focuses on the Hebrew community of Dimona.

  • In commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the Holocaust, this conference is organized by Central European University, Tom Lantos Institute and University of Victoria, Canada.

  • An update on the current situation in Israel

  • Design thinking and religious tradition in contemporary Judaica - workshop and exhibition

  • The film is a cinematic fantasy in five acts using animation, after effects, still photos, original music and interviews.

  • Film screening and discussion 

  • Bananot - Israeli, French comedy

  • An aging, out-of-work actress accepts one last job, though the consequences of her decision affect her in ways she didn't consider.

  • Filmscreening on the occasion of the Holocaust Memorial Day.

  • The Israeli Cultural Institute in Budapest and Daazo.com are now calling for short films of all genres to be submitted for their online film contest.

  • Sukkah City is a documentary film about the architecture competition and exhibition that explored the creative potential of the sukkah. Directed by Jason Hutt

  • Broken Wings (Knafayim Shvurot) is a 2002 Israeli film directed by Nir Bergman and starring Orly Silbersatz Banai, Maya Maron, and Nitai Gaviratz.

  • Run Boy Run tells the extraordinary true story of a Polish boy who seeks the kindness of others in his solitary struggle to outlast the Nazi occupation and keep alive his Jewish faith.

  • "The film of the year" (Quentin Tarantino) - From 28th May in the Hungarian cinemas

  • Organised by the American Embassy, we will be screening the award-winning documentary film “There Was Once directed by Gábor Kálmán.

  • The story of a Palestinian widow who must defend her lemontree field when a new Israeli Defense Minister moves next to her and threatens to have her lemon grove torn down.

  • Gaza/Sderot: Life in Spite of Everything (Israeli documentary)

  • The film makes use of materials and copious archive footage to sketch the biography of SS commander Heinrich Himmler.

  • BIDF is the first international competition and platform in Hungary for creative documentaries from all over the world.

  • The film focuses on the profound manifestation of politics in art, from the beginning of Zionism and up to the Gaza disengagement.

  • Arts and crafts, games and story corner

  • Create your urban garden with us!

  • Israeli underground at the Quarter6Quarter7 Festival: 3421 feat. Miss Red

  • A sing-along night, organized in tribute to the memory of Arik Einstein who passed away last November at the age of 74.

  • Moran Magal on Doblo Stage in April!

  • This year the Israeli Cultural Institute invites Mamelo Orpheus Gaitanopoulos, one of Israel's leading Tenor Saxophone and Trumpet players to perform together with other musicians in the EU Jazz Express.

  • IF CAFE is featuring a special guest, NEAL KATZ from Texas on Saturday, June 28.

  • Vaadat Charigim, the Israeli shoegaze band is on the stage of Kontra Klub in September!

  • Before the courses starting in October you have a chance to meet with the teachers, visit a lecture and write a placement test.
  • Aide Memoire is not only about the Holocaust. It deals with matters relating to present life and reality.

  • Anna Réti and Ido Batash met in 2011 in a residency program in the Netherlands. 'Ego Trip' project is their first collaboration.

  • children program, Sabbath Night Fever bar hopping and Hebrew Language Center Purim Party

  • The joint project of the Szkéné Theatre and the Nézőművészeti Kft.

  • A gathering for Jewish social justice and environmental activist from around the world, 9th -11th of June. 

  • As part of the events commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Hungarian Holocaust, the 21st International Book Festival will include a stand dedicated to the story of Jewish Hungarian literature preceding the Holocaust, and to the crisis it underwent during that period.

  • Israel's Independence Day celebrations at Szent István Park will include performances, children attractions, a Mediterranean bazaar, Israeli food stands and other activities.

  • Fun Run - Run with us on 8th June!

  • The Hungarian-born choreographer, Gyula Csákvári,  now living in Israel, will present his new work the 'Aesthetics Factory'" in June at the Bakelit Multi Art Center.

  • 13th edition of the L1danceFest takes place 17-21. September 2014 in Budapest - 5 days, 13 performances, 8 countries, with a special focus on Israel.

  • Everyone needs to take a break once in a while to regain their strengths in order to become more productive. Does this apply to the land as well?

  • On the occasion of European Day of Languages EUNIC Hungary is organizing for the fifth time this year the European Language Cocktail Bar.

  • Sitting in our very own Sukkah, we shall discuss how one can be instructed to be happy and why is this instruction exclusive to the festival of Sukkot?

  • The twentieth century through 1914, 1939, 1989 and 2004: contemporary art exhibition in the National Gallery

  • Charity exhibition on the occassion of the International Children's Day


  • With the curator work of Katalin Tölgyes, the reflection of contemporary artists on the Shoa will be exhibited


  • Eyal Segal will give a tour of his exhbition on 26th March Thursday at 4 p in FUGA


  • An exhibition of the photos of Iván Benda with the commentaries of Ágnes Heller

  • A selection of the most important works in comic books dealing with Holocaust

  • The exhibition opening of Yasha Rozov for the first time in Budapest

  • The Building Bridges project offers different cultural events from September

  • The videoinstallations of Guy Ben-Ner for the first time in Budapest

  • The photo exhibition of Noémi Beszédes

  • An exhibition dedicated to the Jewish sportmens who managed to participate in the Olimpic Games in 1936 in Berlin. 

  • "A time to keep silence, and a time to speak” 

    An exhibitions by Bea Zoltai

  • Why are the reflections of young artists are important on the inherited past? Where does the history end and the personal experience start? Second and third gnerational artists are providing questions from the Hungarian and international art scene. 

  • Guided tour at the exhibition of Ongoing h/Histories. 

  • Black and white series of photos of an Israeli photographer from a refugee camp along the Hungarian-Serbian border. 

  • Srulik is back!

  • The exhibition of Katalin Mózes in the Israeli Cultural Institute between 16th of August and 5th of September. 

  • Lecture of Aaron Ben-Ze’ev, Professor of Philosophy at University of Haifa

  • Location change: the event will be in the Israeli Cultural Institute, in TEVA room!

  • About the reasons behind the rise of Israel as the start-up nation and why it needs to reinvent itself

  • An update on the current situation in Israel

  • Lecture by the director of The Flat (2011) as part of the series Israeli Faces

  • Starting at the end of February, around the topic "MODERN ISRAEL: CONFLICT and DIVERSITY"

  • László Korányi was the scientific and technological attaché for Hungary between 2007-12 in Israel

  • Guest performance: an Indian musical dance drama

  • Lectures by Giovanni M. Quer 

  • A four-part lecture series given by Dr. Janet Kerekes.

  • The lecture of His Excellency Ilan Mor, the Ambassador of the State of Israel in Hungary

  • A lecure by his excellency Ilan Mor, the ambassador of Israel.

  • Women coach each other to reach their highest potential

  • "All who are hungry let them come" 

  • Conference about the latest cultural and economic Hungarian-Israeli relations

  • The e-Zrael project is series of lectures via e-learning about Judaism and Jewish topics with academics, artists and social activists in Israel and Hungary. 

  • Two artists on religion, faith and humanity.

  • Community centers in Tel Aviv and Budapest

  • Theatre play of Szkéné Theatre

  • Seminar with Israeli doctors from the Israeli-Syrian border

  • Oz Almog, Israeli sociologist's lecture at ICI

  • Documentary about an Israeli activist, who founded an alternative education system for Palestinian children

  •  This fim tells the story how one of the most ancient Jewish communities in the world ceased to exist in Iraq between 1950-51

  • Between the 4th and 9th December in Puskin Mozi

  • On the occasion of the LGBT month

  • The first two part of the trilogy, of which the last film is GETT

  • The first two part of the trilogy, of which the last film is GETT

  • A film full with absurd situations and with the finest black humour, showing the journey of how the characters find happiness in this world, or the other

  • During the course of a car ride the ordinary boundaries between strangers break down

  • The film will be screend twice during the Budapest International Documentary Film Festival

  • Auschwitz prisoners, both Jewish and non-Jewish, were tattooed with serial numbers, first on their chests and then their left arms. 

  • Movie screening in the framework of the Ongoing h/Histories program.



  • Hungarian documentary about the legendary photographer

  • Filmscreening of the Hebrew Language Center

  • Movie about the hangman of Adolf Eichmann

  • Face. Day. Memory. - Animation film project of Beit Avi Chai

  • Learning about otherness, differences and similarities at the night of Shavuot at Bálint Ház

  • Filmscreening at Cirko-Gejzír cinema

  • Filmscreening at Cirko-Gejzír cinema

  • We are looking forward to welcoming children for fun games and creative tasks connected to Chanukah

  • Hebrew school for children every Sunday

  • Purim party for kids at the Deák17 Gallery!

  • A concert together Tibor Csuhaj-Barna, György Jeszenszky and Ágnes Lakatos

  • The concert of Matisyahu in Millenaris!

  • At the next cultural event of CEU, two Israeli jazz musicians will perform

  • Lola Marsh in Budapest for the first time!

  • One of the biggest stars in Israel in Budapest for the first time!

  • The musician of the Israeli Double Bass, Ehud Ettun joins István Gyárfás (guitar), and György Jeszenszky (drum) for a live concert at the iF Jazz Cafe. 

  • Concert with Prof. Michael Wolpe at the Spinoza Café

  • We are hosting NIA dance workshops every Thursday from the 30th October!

  • The first introductory event of the 2015 Maccabi games

  • 3 day-long exhibition with a concluding event where Yuval Rabin, son of Yitzhak Rabin will be the guest

  • Is there such a thing as a "good" lie? In this week's Torah reading, we meet the brothers Jacob and Esau and find their lives entwined in lies and deceit. 

  • Shai Dayan has been focusing on the connection of music, voices and meditation, giving workshops and concerts across Europe and Israel

  • We are inviting all our Hebrew learning students for the Hanukkah event dedicated to especially to them!

  • LOCATION CHANGE: the event will be in Moise House!

  • About the connections between remembrance, literature and art through the work of Paul and Gisèle Celan

  • Second and third generations holocaust survivors and their traumas

  • A growing holiday

  • Various programs in connection to Theodor Herzl for those who are interested in the history of Israel or in the Hebrew language

  • In our March session, we will discuss the different roles of women

  • Spend the election evening at ICI, with experts, analysts and discussions

  • How does women's clothes reflect on society?

  • The event of Auróra, Bálint Ház, Dor Hadas, Israeli Cultural Institute, Marom and Szochnut

  • Since the declaration of Israeli independence the state of Israel has undergone many and various changes. How much of the ideas described in the declaration still drive us today?

  • One of the most popular writer of the contemporary Israeli literature will visit Budapest and meet his readers in ICI

  • Come and join us for the most important evening of the year! Please register for the event.

  • Israel will move to Szent István park for one day!

  • Israel will be represented with the works of Theodore Herzl at the 22nd International Book Fair

  • The Desert and Wilderness as Sacred Places


  • A creative group activity to discover the real meaning of differrent biblical stories

  • Don't miss it: run for ICI and enjoy the various games afterwards

  • A gathering for all the 2015 Taglit participants

  • Monthly bibliodrama sessions in ICI from September

  • A variety of programs between the 30th August til 6th September

  • For the 5th time, we are celebrating the European Day of Languages

  • Monthly bibliodrama sessions in ICI

  • A fun evening with an exhibition opening and concerts for a good cause

  • The Building Bridges project offers different cultural events from September

  • Are you curious of the LGBTQ past of Budapest?

  • Bibliodrama in January at ICI!

  • Join us for an urban gardening workshop on the occasion of the New Year of the Trees

  • Multiple talks on different aspects of terrorism and their relevance for Hungary and hungarian citizens along with a Krav Maga preview.

  • Opportunities in Israel

  • Memoirs of women and untold stories

  • Charity program at the Israeli Cultural Institute

  • Pesach ending gathering at Bálint Ház

  • Celebration of the 68th year of independance of Israel

  • ICI programs at Judafest

  • Mini conference about Zionism today

  • Running with the Israeli Cultural Center

  • The Israeli Cultural Center at the Lake

  • Multidisciplinary festival, literature, music, dance. 

  • Are you curious of the LGBTQ past of Budapest?

  • Are you curious of the LGBTQ past of Budapest?

  • Are you curious of the LGBTQ past of Budapest?

  • L1danceFest for the 15th time in 2016

  • Celebration of the diversity of language and culture

  • Are you curious of the LGBTQ past of Budapest?

  • Are you curious of the LGBTQ past of Budapest?

  • Are you curious of the LGBTQ past of Budapest?

  • Are you curious of the LGBTQ past of Budapest?

  • Are you curious of the LGBTQ past of Budapest?

  • Are you curious of the LGBTQ past of Budapest?

  • Are you curious of the LGBTQ past of Budapest?

  • Are you curious of the LGBTQ past of Budapest?

  • Are you curious of the LGBTQ past of Budapest?

  • Are you curious of the LGBTQ past of Budapest?

  • Are you curious of the LGBTQ past of Budapest?

  • Are you curious of the LGBTQ past of Budapest?

  • Are you curious of the LGBTQ past of Budapest?

  • Celebration of the diversity of language and culture

  • Are you curious of the LGBTQ past of Budapest?

  • Are you curious of the LGBTQ past of Budapest?

  • Are you curious of the LGBTQ past of Budapest?

  • Are you curious of the LGBTQ past of Budapest?

  • Are you curious of the LGBTQ past of Budapest?

Israeli Fimweek
Helyszín: Puskin Mozi (Kossuth Lajos street 18., Budapest, 1053) / Időpont: 2014-12-09 20:00

During the 18th Israeli Filmweek, we are screening a selection of the latest Israeli films. The festival takes place between the 4th and 9th December in the co-operation of the Israeli Embassy in Hungary and the Israel Cultural Institute.

The films will be shown with their original Hebrew sounds and with Hungarian subtitles.

The Green Prince (documentary, 2014 - 99 minutes)
2014. December 5. (Friday) Metropolis room 18:30
2014. December 7. (Sunday) Metropolis room 18:30

GETT (feature film, 2014 - 115 minutes)
2014. December 6. (Saturday) Metropolis room 20:30
2014. December 9. (Tuesday) Metropolis room 18:30

A decent man (dokumentary 2014 - 96 minutes)
2014. December 6. (Saturday) Metropolis room 18:30
2014. December 8. (Monday) Metropolis room 18:30

2night (feature film 2011 - 87 minutes)
2014. December 5. (Friday) Metropolis room 22:30
2014. December 8. (Monday) Amarcord room 19:30

Magic men (feature film 2014 - 100 minutes)
2014. December 4. (Thursday) Amarcord room 19:30
2014. December 7. (Sunday) Metropolis room 20:30

Zero Motivation (feature film 2014 - 100 minutes)
2014. December 5. (Friday) Metropolis room 20:30
2014. December 6. (Saturday) Metropolis room 22:30
2014. December 9. (Tuesday) Amarcord room 19:30

A film unfinished (dokumentary 2010 - 89 minutes)
2014. December 5. (Friday) Amarcord room 19:30
2014. December 7. (Sunday) Amarcord room 19:30

Kumasi Haifa (dokumentary 2013 - 60 minutes)
2014. December 4. (Thursday) Amarcord room 21:30

The Hungarian Cube (dokumentary 2013 - 72 minutes)
2014. December 8. (Monday) Metropolis room 20:30
Tickets are already on sale  at Puskin Mozi!


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